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“The goal of Gem City Catfé is to foster positive interactions between cats and people, in an expectation free environment.” (https://www.gemcitycatfe.com) The Gem City Catfé is a relaxing environment where you can sip delicious coffee, study, draw, or read a book all while surrounded by cats. The catfé has twelve adoptable rescue cats living in the cat lounge, and three resident cats who will live at the catfé for their entire life. So far there have been twenty-two cats adopted, and they’ve only been open since January! I adopted my cat, Arthur, one of the catfé’s adoptable cats. The cat lounge is separated from the rest of the cafe by two doors, that way if you’re allergic to cats you can still visit and grab a snack. You can watch the cats play through the glass if you’re in a hurry, have a coffee on the cafe side if you have allergies, or grab a drink and sit upstairs. If you go upstairs there’s a beautiful gallery, all artwork is made by Dayton artists. The gallery is the perfect spot to work or study if you can’t go into the cat lounge. In order to get reservations to the cat lounge, you must book a spot online and sign a waiver at the catfé. The cat lounge entry is $10 for non-members and $5 for members. A membership is only $25 for one year. You can book one-hour reservations to allow for enough time to enjoy the feline friends, the catfé schedule is Monday-Thursday: 7am-8pm, Friday-Saturday: 7am-9pm, and Sunday: 9am-7pm. Visit the catfé at 1513 E 5th St in St. Anne’s Hill Historic District, just east of the Oregon District, and if you have any further questions go to https://www.gemcitycatfe.com. They have amazing coffee, great snacks, and awesome cats. Ten out of ten would recommend.

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