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On Wednesday May 2nd, selected students from Mrs. Henderson’s language art classes went to the Masonic Temple for an awards ceremony for Violence Prevention essays and posters. There were kindergarten through 12th-grade students who participated in this project in Montgomery County. There were over 1,500 submissions, and the top 120 entries were chosen to attend this ceremony. All first, second, and third places for 7-8th grade essays were taken by Northmont students taught by Mrs. Henderson, proving the theory that she is the best teacher ever. Priya Armour won first place, Sydney Cooper won second place, and Emma Pollock won third place. There were nine honorable mentions from Northmont that include Caden Geiger, Lena Edwards, Cole Miller, Audrey Rickmon, Liz Nicholson, Macy August, Aubry Brant, Grace Brown, and Andrew Grimm. All winning students got a backpack filled with prizes such as calligraphy pens and new headphones. This ceremony was held by Mathias H. Heck, J.r. who is a prosecuting attorney. Congrats to all students who participated, and huge applause to all the students who won awards. Go Bolts!

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