Social Media Good or Bad?

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“OMG! Amy just posted a new pic!” “No way!! Tay just broke of with her bf!!” Just keep on scrolling, keep on scrolling. Social media, some say it will be the doom of all people, others say it was a gift from the gods. Is it really?! Social media platforms include Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Our president even uses Twitter, but is how our President uses social media ok? We’ll get back to that later. What will/do you use social media for? Would your parents approve of this? First, have you considered the dangers you could come across and possibly become a victim of? Next, think about your language, pics, videos, and other things you do on social media. For example, only agree, if you 100% know what you’re agreeing too! When someone says I agree it means they have the same opinion, point of view, perspective on a topic, video, picture, quote, and more. People have agreed to bad things in their past when they were younger, that same topic got brought back up, again on social media, in the future, which, got them in a lot of trouble! Next, time you create a social media account, let your parents know, make sure your parents are following along, so they’ll know you’re safe. We’ve gathered some staff and student opinions about this topic: I asked Aubrey Williams, Do you think kids parents be allowed to have control over their children’s accounts? She said, “It depends on the type of kids, if kids have bad behavior then they should, so they don’t post bad things!”

One of the most controversial topics on social media, in the history of topics on social media, is Donald Trump’s tweets! Whether you like them or not, they’re quite interesting, and not going to stop being tweeted! His tweets consist of controversial topics such as racism, shade on others, announcements, and much more. People are arguing about whether or no it the president should be allowed to post these topics on social media. His tweets have made history! This is because unlike other presidents, he tweets his public opinion smack down on his device like it’s no-man’s-land! Others believe he should be allowed to post and rely on social media to make announcements.

Overall, I believe everybody should be allowed to use social media. However, they shouldn’t be taking advantage of it by saying mean things, being racist, throwing shade for no reason, and causing drama and multiple issues, and backstabbing others, just for the fun of it. Social media is not a place to make people feel bad, it’s a place for having fun, socializing, updating others on big events happening in your life, and expressing yourself in any way, shape, or form! So, the next time you plan to get social media ask yourself these questions: What will you use social media for? Would your parents approve of this? Have you considered the dangers that you could come across and possibly become a victim of? Once they’re answered, make sure your parents’ answers are the same!


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