Why Bully Others?

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Bullying. It’s the cruel side of us humans. I mean being mean is one thing but, being mean it another completely different topic! We as humans have such a strong need for being rude to each other, but why? Bullying shows 100% disrespect toward others! You could be nice by just picking up someone’s pencil! It’s those easy people! You could go as far as carrying someone’s school books to their class! Yet we still choose to bully. What would you do if you saw someone else being bullied? I would say, “Hey knock it off!”

Take it from someone with experience, me! I Was bullied 1st and 2nd grade. Put down because I was Asian and because I had brought toys to play with in latchkey as a kid. Skip past a few years, I now have more control over my feelings and I used my sassiness as my defense or weapon of choice. However, that’s the wrong way to do it! Don’t use your attitude to solve things like this, all it will do is make you look bad! Instead, use your kindness toward the person being bullied help them out! I now use my funny, quirky, creative, fun, and kind spirit to help others out! Even though I’m at my darkest years right now, I still want to make the most out of it! It’s bullying month and I challenge you to make the most out of your kind heart by, doing something kind toward others to make their day!

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