Get Organized! You Won’t Regret It!

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We’ve all have had those moments in life when things don’t work out or go as planned. Procrastination and lack of organization could be a natural human trait. If you’re like me and you have problems with getting smacked in the face with too much school work all at once every day and it’s due in little time, you are probably freaking out right now because you don’t know what to do! I suggest you use Google Keep to record your notes, lists, and homework. You can color code, pin, create different types, and add reminders to your notes to help organize your life better! If you’re trying not to have your life taken over by technology then journaling is for you! All you need is a notebook and a pencil! This way you can doodle, write down random thoughts, goals, tasks, ideas, and daily entries. “How do you make time for journaling?” All you need is to take ten minutes of your morning or any time of the day to write about how you want your day to go, then later just check up on how you’re doing! Soon it will become a daily routine in your everyday life! These things are nothing to stress about! I use a freestyle journaling style, which means I won’t need to keep up with it and I can journal whatever, whenever! Whichever way you prefer, remember to organize and apply it to your life in a way that works for you!

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