A Solution to Racism

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In my opinion, the solution to racism is Love and Respect.

To accept that there are differences in skin color, culture and ways, beliefs and practices will never be hard if you only use our hearts and not our eyes. It is easy to see with our eyes and make hurtful remarks to whatever differences we can notice around us, but we do not know the consequences after. Social media is a good platform to express love not hate and to end racism. Instead of posting hate videos that involve individuals showing racist acts we should post more videos of acceptance of other races and media contents that involve different races engaging in activities that display oneness and unity. That way, we instill in the media, which is being followed or used by many people around the world not only in the USA, the advantage of positive acts towards unity despite the differences in everything.

Once we start and learn to Love and respect that all are created differently, it will put an end to racism.

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