Student Staff Basketball Game Magic

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On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, we had our annual staff vs student basketball game. This was a chance for the students to finally win against our teachers. In the 7th-grade boys game, Christian Moncrief started the game off with a rebound, which lead up to Caden Cortner scoring a 3 pointer. Then teachers had the ball which soon became the the student with a steal my Christian Moncrief. At half time it was 13-9 teachers. In both halves, Mr. Myers scored many 2 pointers and at the beginning of the 2nd half, he scored a 3 pointer for the teachers. Later on, in the 2nd half, there was an uncompleted steal by Caden Cortner. At the end of the 2nd half, there was a rebound by Brandon the 7th-grade girl’s coach. The final score was 26-12 teachers. For the girls game, the girls get to start off with the ball. Mrs. Tindall steals the ball but it is then resealed by Morgan Pendleton.  At the half, it was 15-0 teachers. At the beginning of the second, they started off with a clean slate. In the game, there were multiple steals by Libby Mergler. A 3 pointer by Mr. Myers to get the teachers to 3-0. In less than 10 seconds Mr.Myers had a steal and a 3 pointer. There was also a steal by Lauren Bellish. The first score for the girls was a 2 pointer by Neva Stevenson. The final score was by Paige Auxier for the student. The final score was 16-4 teachers.

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