Testing Trouble

Testing Trouble

Coming up next week we start standardized testing. This could be the highlight of some people’s school years, while it could also be the worst part of other’s school years. In my opinion, I think standardized tests are unnecessary for students to take. We already take benchmark tests which show where we are every quarter, and along with benchmark tests we have all of our other work and tests we do in class. Standardized tests cause lots of unwanted stress, and make classes more boring with test prep. hi

           The weeks leading up to standardized testing are full of test prep, and practice tests. This distracts from the things we need to learn in our grade level to move onto the next. Standardized tests show our average based on everyone in the country, they also show whether we are basic, limited, proficient, accelerated, or advanced. While this could be good for some students, because they can get the help or things they need, it also can also lead to students needing help, not getting the help they need or people who don’t need help getting help. This is because of a thing called a “bad test taker.” If you need help on tests and you are a “bad test taker” you could end up guessing on most of the quiz and getting the questions correct. If you don’t need help and you are a “bad test taker” then you could end up second-guessing yourself and getting a very bad score.

Another reason testing is not good is that almost exactly after testing we have exams; exams count for a grade, unlike standardized tests. While testing shows where we are, exams are our final grades for each quarter. The exam grades can lead to a drop or rise in your GPA, but with teachers only doing test prep on the weeks leading up to testing and exams we barely have time to study for exams, because of the fear of not studying enough for testing.

I know that for one testing also reflects on how well the teachers taught their students. Also how testing can decide where you go during the next school year. But is it worth taking up 3 weeks of school to take tests that only show where we are, and where we need to be in school? When we can do these things in a more efficient way in class, such as the benchmark tests we already take to show where we are.

Students shouldn’t have to take standardized testing, it causes unwanted stress. Along with the standardized tests we take benchmark tests, which show where we are just like standardized tests. Some people do bad because they aren’t good at taking tests, and we have the stress of exams right after testing. We only do test prep in classes leading up to testing also. With all the tests we do throughout the year, should we really have to also take standardized tests?