Science Olympiad Heads to State


Science Olympiad had regionals 2 weeks ago, the placements for that will be listed below.

1st place medals:

Crimebusters-Sydney Gross & Lena Edwards

Dynamic Planet-Ben Loudenslager & Connor Zechar

Mystery Architecture-Karsten Stroble & Connor Zechar

Potions & Poisons-Andrew Marcum & Lia Yang


2nd place medals:

Crimebusters-Jordan Tucker & Lia Yang

Heredity-Lena Edwards & Sydney Gross

Potions & Poisons- Kollin Borger & Ben Loudenslager

Roller Coasters- Alex Harlow & Kirsten Stroble


3rd place medals:

Boomilever- Sydney Asbra & Reagan Nguyen

Density Lab- Alysson Pahl & Karsten Stroble

Disease Detectives- Bridget Scranton & Jacob Shaffer

Fossils- Ben Loudenslager & Ashlee Martin

Water Quality- Josie Hartlieb & Lia Yang

Write It Do It- Ben Loudenslager & Kaley Underwood


4th place medals:

Battery Buggy- Evan Gainey & Jordan Tucker

Density Lab- Parker Anderson & Jacob Shaffer


5th place medals:

Anatomy & Physiology- Lena Edwards & Sydney Gross

Boomilever- Alex Harlow & Ben Loudenslager

Herpetology- Alex Harlow & Ben Loudenslager

Roller Coasters- Sydney Asbra & Josie Hartlieb

Water Quality- Lena Edwards & Alex Harlow

Write It Do It- Paige VanLuvender & Lia Yang


6th place medals:

Circuit Lab: Evan Gainey & Max Loudenslager

Heredity- Andrew Marcum & Paige VanLuvender

Solar Systems- Alysson Pahl & Connor Zechar

With all of these awesome placements the Northmont Science Olympiad team made it to state, they placed fourth overall at regionals! They will be competing in on April 27th at Ohio State University in Columbus. They will only be able to take one team of 15 people, including five ninth graders and ten seventh and eighth graders. Good luck to you all, and have an amazing time!