Wired’s Newest Members

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On Thursday, August 29th, 2019 are own school acapella group “Wired” held auditions. The brave group of kids who attended the audition had to sing a verse and a course of a pop song in front of Mrs.King. “This year we will be doing a song that wired did their first year and a lot of the kids that sang it that year are in catalyst now,” stated Mrs. King. Congratulations to the newest members of Wired!


Soprano- Sydney Asbra, Abby Burneka, Cassie Dranschak, Sophia Hamlin, Brianna Johnson, Kaylynn Meyer, Savanna Sparks and, Claira Stucki


Alto-Izzie Ali, Eden Allen, Leila Boyce, Riley Carroll, Katie Dineen, Morgan Kee, Emma Landcaster, Darynn Pribe, Dani Skaroupka and, Kyla Skaroupka


Boys- Harrison Davis, Hunter Fetters, Liam Gniazdowski, Levi Miller, Colin Niemann, Koletin Watson

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