Why Stranger Things?

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Ever since Stranger Things has popped onto Netflix, the views have sky-rocketed. The second season left viewers everywhere on the edge of their seats, and the new season has made non-viewers wonder, why is Stranger Things so popular? Well, here is the answer to that question. Stranger Things is based in the 1980s, the suspense starts when a man in a lab coat runs into an elevator frantically, then he gets eaten. Scary right? When the main character, Will, goes missing after a night at his friend’s house everyone is on edge which leads to the discovery of a girl named Eleven who tells Will’s friends that a monster has taken him. The well-known name for this monster is the Demogorgon. Aliens are very popular in horror movies but the twist in season two and three takes it to the next level. The creators of Stranger Things thought no one would watch this suspenseful series, but they were wrong, 26.4 million people watch the thrilling series, that includes me. When you think of an alien, a green, scaly, slimy, tall monster appears, but instead, this monster is a ghoulish, brown, slimy, tall, very skinny demon whose face opens into five long petal-shaped mouths with sharp teeth on each side. The best part is that this alien doesn’t come from space, it comes from a world MUCH different from ours, and in the second season, we get a peek at the god Demogorgon. It has come to my attention that Eleven is one of many different test subjects like eight who we see in season two, and beside aliens there are beings with insanely crazy powers. In the series, Eleven’s powers are closely related to the Force in Star Wars but are much stronger. These little things that make the movie so great make other suspenseful series not as appealing, but that’s my opinion. If you watch the series and agree with me try out the poll that was made to go with this story, but if you don’t watch that’s alright, but I hope you at least try it out.

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