Grumpy Cat Dies

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This past summer was filled with hot,happy, and bright summer days, but a few thousand people didn’t feel that way after a terrible tragedy. A cat we all know as grumpy cat died Tuesday, May 14th at the age of 7 in the arms of her loving owner. The cause was a urinary tract infection that was too hard for Grumpy to cope with. Grumpy cat’s original name was Tardar Sauce, the fame started when Grumpy’s owner posted a picture of her cat and viewers instantly photoshopped the pictures into memes. The reason grumpy cat wears a frown is that she has feline dwarfism and the way her teeth were placed. This frown made people everywhere smile or laugh and later grumpy cat was put on everything like cups, shirts, and the internet. Grumpy’s owner   posted this on twitter a few days after the poor cat’s death:

“We are unimaginably heartbroken to announce the loss of our beloved Grumpy Cat”

I hope everyone will remember the Grumpy Cat that made so many smile and to keep making her memes for everyone to remember the funniest cat on the internet.

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