Nerd Herd’s Thoughts on Area 51

Nerd Herds Thoughts on Area 51

 During July of 2019 over 2 million people signed up on Facebook to raid Area 51. An Air Force base in Nevada. Even though the whole raid started out as a joke on September 20th, 2019 about 200 people came. Just a few miles away from the actual base. They came and shared stories and connect over their love of aliens and Area 51. We asked the kids in Nerd Herd what their thoughts on the Area 51 raid were. Liam Gniazdowski said “I think that it’s a good opportunity for us to learn more about the government and what they are hiding from us”. Myles Brugess said “My thoughts on the Area 51 raid is that it is completely stupid because who would risk their life to go into this fortress of aliens just to risk their life”. Raiding Area 51 good or bad idea?