Swift’s New Album Review


A lot of new things in the music industry are currently happening, such as the Jonas Brothers going on tour and Taylor Swift releasing her seventh studio album, Lover. 

Lover is Swift’s seventh studio album and is also her lengthiest. It has 18 tracks. The album was released just over a month ago on August 23rd, 2019. As a fan of Swift myself, I can definitely tell you this album is worth listening to. It has an 80s sound, with many hyped up songs. Several of those songs deal with bias in the music industry, and bias altogether, such as “The Man” and “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince.” The album kicks off with the song “I Forgot That You Existed,” a song saying goodbye to a dark time of her life and her 2017 album, Reputation. The song is describing a breakup where she forgets all the horrible things her ex-lover did to her, but if you listen, you can clearly tell she is forgetting all the hate in recent years. The next track is called “Cruel Summer.” It describes falling in love with a summer fling. It has already become a fan favorite and is my personal favorite off of the album. The most notable lyric among fans is, “And I’ll scream for whatever it’s worth, I love you ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard/He looks up grinning like a devil.” The next track is titled “Lover.” It is the title track and a sweet, country love song. It describes how Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, has given her the best love and as she states in the song, she’s loved him three summers but wants them all. The fourth track is called “The Man.” It is already a fan favorite as well. In this loud, powerful song, Swift describes how her career and feedback would’ve been different if she were male. It is simply about how certain things are acceptable for men and not for women. The next track is titled “The Archer.” This is a sad song where Swift explores anxiety and fear over losing someone, and how she has been the victim and the assailant. Fans speculate this song is an apology to Swift’s fans, and her wondering how they have stayed through all the drama. This has not been confirmed, although I’d listen to it yourself to come to your own conclusion. The sixth song on the album is “I Think He Knows.” This song describes crushing on someone and believe they are aware of the infatuation. It is a flirty, upbeat song describing the feeling of new romance and not being sure if it’s reciprocated. “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince” is a political song that describes finding someone in the hate and madness using high school metaphors. These entail, “I saw the scoreboard and ran for my life.” as well as “The whole school is rolling fake dice/You play stupid games you win stupid prizes.” “Paper Rings” is about loving someone so much, and being so happy, you’d be willing to marry them whenever and with whatever. This is backed up by this lyric in the chorus: “I like shiny things/But I’d Marry You with Paper Rings.” The ninth song is called, “Cornelia Street.” This song is a fan favorite as well. It describes how a city reminds her of a lover and if she lost him she “wouldn’t ever walk Cornelia Street again.” Those are nine out of the 18 Taylor Swift songs from this album. I’d listen to the album yourself if you want to know the others.