Superheroes: With Great Power


Superheros: With Great Power, Comes Ordinary Responsibility

Coming to the Northmont High School November 15th and 16th at 7pm

This wonderful play put on by the Northmont Middle School Drama Club is about Superheroes and their everyday lives, including big names like Batman, Aquaman, Robin, Storm, Hawkeye, Superman, and Hulk. I have interviewed Lily Secor (McDonalds Manager) and Janessa Simon (Tommy the McDonald’s worker) who will be acting in the play. 

 “It’s been really fun. Everybody in drama is really supportive and like a big family.” Janessa said, “It was very awkward to perform because everyone in drama is watching you.” When asked how long did it take you to perfect your character, Lily responded, “Two to four weeks. We have to practice a lot out of school because drama meetings used to only be twice a week and if we wanted to be prepared in time for the play.” I asked how comfortable do you feel performing this piece?”

“It’s uncomfortable at first, but once you get into the flow of it, you get adjusted.” Lily responded.

“It’s uncomfortable performing in front of people but it’s good to know that people have your back.” Janessa said. Lastly, how do you feel about the drama teacher, Ms.Maggie?

“We love her. She’s really nice and she works really hard. Our assistant director Emma doesn’t get appreciated enough but she takes time out of her afternoon to help us.”

These two girls have worked really hard and had a lot of fun working on this play and I can only imagine what everybody else has done. I will do another piece after I go to the play for a review and an after interview. 


Cast members include: 

Dakota Flory, Caitlyn Bowling, Breanna Paquette, Bethany Thompson, Levi Miller, Rhys White, Naveah Henson, Rylie Haag, Sydney Asbra, Jaidyn Bond, Josie Hartlieb, Jayla Weeks, Valeshia Alvarenga , Abigail Burneka, Janessa Simon, Lily Secor, Serenity VanGorden, Valeshia Alvarenga, Nathan Haley, Caitlyn Bowling, Elaine Bush