SuperHeroes Have Great Ordinary Responsibility


Superheros: With Great Power Comes Ordinary Responsibility

Nona Whalen Review 


I saw the play on its second debut on Saturday, November 16. There were minor mess ups as there always are, but overall the acting was amazing, and the people who put it together were very dedicated to what they were doing. The play itself was very funny and relatable, not only to kids but to the parents in the crowd as well. I interviewed Lily Secor and Janessa Simon. 

I asked them, On a scale of 1 to 10, how nervous were you before the play? Lily said, “9 or 10 the first night but it was way more relaxed the second night.” Which night had the better performance, Friday or Saturday?” Janessa responded, “Friday. We did way better on Friday, there were less mess-ups.”

How did it feel to have the auditorium clap for you? Lily said, “Empowering. It was really fun.”Were you guys comfortable doing the play or did you feel like you needed more practice?” Janessa said, “It was fun and we were prepared, it was just nerve-racking.”Did you guys mess up at all? Lily replied, “No, we were pretty prepared.”Overall were you happy that you did the play, or do you wish that you didn’t do it?” Lily said, “We are very happy that we did it. Everyone was very supportive.” Was everybody helpful and friendly?” Janessa said, “Not everybody, but every adult was super nice and helpful.”

Overall the play was well-written, very funny, and everybody was very into it. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to more plays put on by the middle school.