Seventh Grade See UD Flyers

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On December 5th, the 7th graders attended the UD Flyers basketball game. All three teams were in different sections, but most people seemed to have fun. The final score was 58 to 41, with the Flyers winning. Everyone was hyped up. I personally thought the game was loud, but I still had fun. “The women were very talented, and it was a fun place to hang out with friends. It was also a very cool experience,” says Nona Whalen. The game was crowded, and getting in did take a while, but it was worth it. The seventh graders that went didn’t just get to enjoy the game though. They had to fill out a form with math problems that had to do with the game score and statistics. This meant that everyone had to be constantly paying attention. The questions included, “List all the points each Flyer player scored by half time and find the mean, median, and mode.”