Northmont Wins Over Centerville


The 8th grade boys basketball team pulled off an impressive win Wednesday, December 11th against Centerville Black at home. The Bolts led the Elks through four lengthy quarters and when Centerville came back and tied the game with only a few seconds left leading the teams into overtime. After tipping off the ball for a second time the boys fought for another long 3 minutes. When Centerville continued to keep up with Northmont the game went into double overtime and eventually ended when one point was scored from a free throw. When the game was over the final score was 23-24 Bolts. We asked some of the players about the game and how they think it went. According to Ashtin Buchanan, “I think I played good, we just all did good. I mean, we went into double overtime and we could’ve beat the team by a lot more but it’s okay.” When we asked Daron Porter what he had to say, he said, “It was a very very long game. It was hard to watch if I’m being completely honest.”