Dr. Dolittle Wins in the Box Office


Robert Downey , Jr. is Dolittle. This movie includes an epic quest to save the Queen of England and when she has mysteriously gotten ill. On this journey Dolittle must find a cure from a mythical island and sets sail with his animal friends which include a gorilla, polar bear, parrot, duck, squirrel, sugar glider, and an ostrich and is also accompanied by a strange boy who was supposedly a hunter but now is developing the animal language which allows him to speak with animals. They ran into some mishaps along the way including a sea battle with Dolittle’s rival. They reach an island that turns out to be his father-in-law’s land and Dolittle was banned from ever setting foot on that island because of what happened to his wife. This resulted in conflict between the two and causes Dolittle to be thrown into prison but later they acquire the book they needed but then were confronted by Dolittle’s rival yet again they fired at Dolittle’s boat and sunk it and were left his for dead. His father-in-law the king lent Dolittle a boat meaning the conflict was resolved. So Dolittle charted a course to the Eden tree which had the ability to heal and grant eternal life. Soon they found a cavern where it was supposedly hidden and they ran into Dr. Blair, his rival. Something unusual happens and they were attacked by a creature and soon they defeated the beast and Dr. Blair was stopped and Dolittle saved the Queen of England.