Winter Dance

Lights, camera, action! On February 21st, 2020 Web hosted a Hollywood premier night school dance. The dance took place from three to five in the school’s gym, cafeteria, and media center. The Web kids provided food to sell in the concession stand, so thank you to them. Also thank you to Mrs.Zile for the amazing backdrop for photos. Mrs.Chromick, one of the Web teachers said “I saw people having fun, I saw people dancing, talking to their friends, hanging out in the cafeteria. I love seeing everyone having fun and hanging out as a Northmont community and not just as teams. Mrs.Zile’s backdrop was amazing and the Web kids did a great job working the dance and I appreciate the adults that stayed to watch and make sure everyone had a great time.” Thank you to the web kids and Mrs.Spears for putting on this fabulous dance!