Toliet Spotted in Yard


Just last week T Bolt Times’s advisor Mrs.Mckarns got a toilet put in her front yard. Who put it in her front yard you may be asking? NJROTC, the military program here at Northmont put it in her yard. She had three options, to either pay $10 to have them remove it, pay $20 to send it to a friend for their yard, or pay $30 to have toilet insurance, meaning she won’t get it in her yard again. You might be wondering, why even put the toilet in her yard in the first place? Here is what NJROTC staff member Stephen Vanwinkle had to say about the project-“The fundraiser is just to support the unit by fundraising, chaperoning activities, and hosting events throughout the school year. Basically, it’s to help us fund activities that we do in or out of school.” Well, there you have it, NJROTC decided to use toilets this year for their fundraiser to support activities that they do this year.