The Police: A Student’s Opinion


Sophia: Here is my personal opinion on the police. The police have trained for a very long time and have put a lot of effort and time into their jobs. They save people daily and do everything they can to keep everybody safe. The bad things said about police personally hurts me. I come from a huge police family. My father, both of my uncles, and my brother are in the police world. The trending tag “acab” (all cops are bad) I feel is completely false. Unfortunately, some cops are bad, yes, but not all cops are. Many cops around the world are loved by many and have done the most to make people feel safe. I feel like police officers deserve more respect than they currently have. Here are some questions and answers from the Clayton Police Chief, Matt Hamlin.


Police Chief: 




  • How long was the training you had to go through in the police academy?

6 months, 680 hours of training


  • How did you feel about the training you went through?

Very thorough, it helped young recruits to be police officers. It was an introduction to the Ohio laws and showed the difficulties mental and physical that the police officers would face during their daily jobs. 


  • How long did it take you to get where you are now?

18 years. I was a patrolman, sergeant, lieutenant, and then I was finally appointed to the job as police chief in April, 2014. 


  • How did you feel during your journey to become the chief?

Each step I took I learnt more and new things about how to run a police department, how to deal with people, and how to listen to people. 


  • What is your opinion on the bad things said about cops on social media?

Obviously there are bad employees in any job. Either in teaching, doctors, lawyers, police, and priests. I believe that the focus this time is on the police. But, there are more good cops than there are bad cops and I believe that is true in any job. There is going to be more good than bad in the world. 


  • What is your opinion on cops in general?

I find police officers in general are there to do a good job and to serve their community. They are hardworking, honest, and professional. It is interesting that in every major incident or emergency, while everybody else is running away, it will be the police officers running towards the danger to help. There is no other job to do that.