Space Force- A Great Need

Space Force- A Great Need

The United States Space Force is the newest branch of the US military. The Spaceforce, formerly part of the Airforce, is the branch that has two main jobs. Their first job is to manage all 2000 active, American, Governmental, satellites. Their second job is to help maintain current agreements among all countries and organizations about what space is able to be used for. Sometimes the US Space Force is also able to do some science.

Taking down satellites has been a growing threat. China and Russia have both successfully tested these technologies, taking down their own old satellites and sometimes other countries’ satellites. But here’s the thing, the US has done this too. About two years ago, twin land to space missels took off from Vandenberg Airforce Base. Although these were not stated to be Anti-Satellite weapons (ASAT), it is very possible based on the fact that these did not show up anywhere after launch, and that several satellites were lost. The satellites that were shot down by any nation would not be GPS satellites because that would hurt them too.

GPS, or the Global Positioning System, is an array of satellites all orbiting the Earth that can pinpoint your location within centimetres. GPS is in a partnership with China, Europe and Russia in creating GNSS, or Global Navigation Satellite System. GNSS is a worldwide positioning system. Europe has a system known as GALILEO for their part, China has the BEIDOU Network, and my favourite, Russia, has the Globalistika Navigationa Sputnikovaya Sistema. Each system only has around 25 satellites each so they have to help each other out when needed. With all this fighting, it would be hard to believe that the US Spaceforce would be doing some scientific research but they are.


The X37, the not-so-secret secret space place, was first developed by Boeing and Lockheed as a Human and Cargo ISS resupply vessel. It is now doing long term missions testing ion propulsion.

 After being dropped by NASA with the COTS, CRS, and CCP Programs, the X37 turned to the dark side, spying on everybody from space and landing in Area 51 and looking at Russian nuclear reactors and other crazy things. The thing is, the X37 would be terrible for this purpose. We already have spy satellites much bigger than the X37 and not to mention, we’re still probably doing U2 and SR71 flyovers. Plus Area 51 doesn’t have a big enough runway for the X37… Or does it?