Drama Club Announces Its Cast


On Tuesday September 14th 2021 the cast of the Unfortunate Spacemen was selected. Many people auditioned for drama club, but unfortunately not everybody made it. Here’s some of our talented people that will be a part of the drama club crew, LB Gorretta as Red, Lola Shetler as Orange, Lily Norris as Yellow, Skylar Sabin as Green, Sophia Jones as Blue, Kennedy Troehler as Black, Zakyiah Gary as White, Juliana Colon as Pink/MC , and Samantha Meyerheoffer as another Blue (Cyan). If you haven’t figured it out, Northmont Middle School Drama Club is based on the popular game “Among Us!” Pretty much everybody knows about Among Us, but who knew that our school would create a play about it? If you’re bummed you couldn’t audition this year, don’t worry! If you’re an 8th-grader and didn’t make it, next year in high school you’ll be able to audition for several plays. If you want to go to the show, here’s the dates: Friday November 12th at 7pm, and Saturday November 13th at 7pm. If you see any of our crew members say congratulations, but be careful, I heard Red and Blue are a bit “sus.”