ROTC Improves


         ROTC IDR (Infantry Drill Regulation) had another drill meet! Northmont improved their performance. They paced 1st out of 11 schools. Our first year NS1(naval science 1) armed IDR(infantry drill regulation) placed 2nd place. Our NS1 color guard placed 3rd, our NS1 academics placed 2nd, athletics placed 2nd, unarmed IDR varsity placed 3rd, armed IDR varsity placed 3rd, color guard varsity placed 1st, inspection varsity placed 3rd, and academics varsity placed 1st place. Overall our first year cadets (NS1s) placed 2nd place! And our varsity team placed 1st! Our next upcoming special event is November 9th. Students that aren’t in ROTC can’t be there because it’s during the school day! All of our ROTC cadets have a very important military inspection that is half their grade! The cadets report being a bit nervous, but confident.