Unfortunate Spaceman


There’s an event coming!!!! The Northmont Middle School Drama Club will be performing

Unfortunate Spacemen November 12th and 14th in the High School Auditorium at 7:00. Starring LB Gorretta as Red, Lola Shetler as Orange, Becca Imes as Yellow, Skylar Sabin as Green, Sophia Jones as Blue, Kennedy Troehler as Black, Zakyia Gay as White, Samantha Meyerhoeffer as TEAL, and Juliana Colon as Pink/MC. Tickets are $5 and can be bought online.  The link to bought tickets will be in your email with announcements and on T Bolt Times.com. 

Samantha Meyerhoeffer says “ It’s great, really funny, and it’s a great mix of comedy and murder mystery. I also heard Teal is a little sus shh.” Zakyia Gay says “ It’s really fun even tho the play is made about a dead game.” Mallory Stevens says “ I think it’s really good considering who’s in it and how well they work together.”