NMS Students Receive Writing Honors


Out of 775 entrants across Montgomery County, Helaina Bowling and Emilija Sereika,8th graders from Northmont middle school. They won honorable mention in the Dottie Yeck Good Life Award Writing Contest, where they wrote about how to survive yet thrive during their teenage years while keeping their goals intact. Their essays are available online if you’re interested in reading them. Congratulate them if you see them!


Helaina Bowling-“When you buy a lottery ticket you never know what you’re going to get out of it. You could win the jackpot, a small amount, or nothing at all. Going into it completely blind, you don’t have any knowledge of the outcome, Nothing in your life is guaranteed to happen. Like the toss of a coin, it’s all unpredictable.


Emilija Sereika-“To make sure your life is the best it can be, there are three steps that you should be used. You should take care of your mental health, put your happiness first, and live life your own way,