Introducing the 2022 Girls Softball Team


Introducing Northmont Middle Schools 2022 Girls Softball Team! Zoey Anyonwu, Jabria Bickerstaff, Kendall Borgmeier, Caralyn Bryson, Annika Comer, Savanna Deem, Brooklyn Gaffin, Kyleigh Gunter, Jaydn Johnson, Adelyn Kautz, Lacie Knick, Mia Koogler, Alexa Lockhart, Morghan Longeberry, Kendra Lonz, Rylie Meeds, Gracie Meeks, Olivia Roussel, Monika Runyan, Lanna Slone, Kyliah Sorrell, Payton Southards, Julie Taynor. These are our softball girls for this season, even though those teams will be separated, if you see them in the halls say hi and congratulate them on making it! Because not everybody made the team, but we’re still proud of our girls for getting out there and trying! Let’s go Bolts and let’s rock this season.