Science Olympiad


Congratulations to Northmont’s Science Olympiad team! In our first invitational Team 88 scored 129 overall with team 87 coming in 142 place overall. A few highlights for team 88 were Bridges (a building challenge) coming in 10th place, Botany coming in 26th, and Sound of Music (instrument building) coming in 65th place. Team 87’s highlights were Bridges coming in 20th, Write It Do It (A directed imagination challenge) coming in 33rd, Ping Pong Parachutes ( an engineering challenge) coming in 98th, and Road Scholar (maps) also coming in 98th. At our second invitational Team 88 scored 43rd overall with Team 87 scoring 64th overall. Team 88 did very well getting 17th in Botany, 15th in Bridges, 28th in Crime Busters, 33rd in Electric Wright Stuff, 38th in Mousetrap Vehicles, 20th in Ping Pong Parachutes, 27th in rocks and Minerals, and 28th in Storm the Castle. Team 87 also scored amazingly, getting 39th in Bio Process Lab, 12th in Bridges, 5th in Ornithology, 23rd in Road Scholar, and 18th in Rocks and Minerals. Good job everybody for trying your hardest even with all of the difficulties we face during virtual invitationals. Keep doing amazing in competitions and continue to try your hardest. Science Olympiad’s next competition will be on March 19th which will be regionals! With about 20 teams competing, 7 move on to state. Good luck everybody and good job at your invitationals!