What Do I Pack for Washington DC?

What Do I Pack for Washington DC?

Washington D.C trip.

If you’re an 8th grader going on the Washington D.C trip here are things that you may need.

The first list is requirements. Students are required to have a camera, watch, or cellphone. You will also need 1 suitcase and one bag to carry on. You should leave your school iPad at home.


The next list is suggestions. A couple of suggested items are 4 pairs of socks/underwear, pajamas, shorts/pants, and sweatshirts. Some other things you might need are Swimming suits, jackets, rain gear/poncho, and a pillow/blanket for the bus ride. The last things you might need are 2 pairs of gym shoes (no flip flops) and tops.


This list is for personal items you are going to need. Make sure to have shampoo, deodorant, brush/combs, feminine hygiene products, and eye care products if needed. You’ll also need sunglasses, sunscreen, sealed water bottles, and plastic bags for dirty laundry/toiletries. The last few things you might want are books, headphones, pens/pencils, and small notebooks.


For the bus on the way and back. On the bus you’ll need the carry-on bag mentioned earlier, the bag will be kept with you on the bus ride. The bag should contain clothes and toiletries for the rest stops. You may have snacks/candy on the bus, but no drinks or beverages.

If you plan on bringing hats, you will be asked to remove your hat in any building you enter. Also if you choose to bring spending money $50-$60 is suggested. Lastly, expensive valuables should be left at home.