Science Olympiad Competes at State


Congratulations to our Science Olympiad team for competing at state! Overall we placed 15th place out of 37 teams. A few highlights were 5th place in Bridges, 6th in Electric Wright Stuff, 4th in Mousetrap Vehicle, 4th in Ping Pong Parachute, 4th in Storm the Castle, 13th in Bio Process Lab, 15th in Codebusters, 14th in Crimebusters, 11th in Dynamic Planet, 14th in Meteorology, and 11th in Rocks and Minerals. Before state we had two teams but, only one team was able to go to state. Both teams had to be combined and unfortunately some students were not able to compete at state. Sadly, we did not qualify for nationals meaning that our season is over. Our next event will be later this year when we will go to a science museum. The top two teams that made it to state are Solon and Mason. Good job and continue exploring the world of science next year!