• Northmont Middle School Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

2019-2020 Staff

Noelle Smith

Comic Artist

Noelle Smith is an eighth-grader on Team Arches at Northmont Middle School. She is our amazing comic artist. Noelle enjoys drawing and reading books, her favorite book series is the “Warrior Cats” series. This is Noelle's first ...

Nona Whalen

Staff Writer

Nona Whalen is a seventh-grader on team Yosemite.  Nona wants to be an author, go to Columbia University and study creative writing.  She likes photography.  Nona is a dog person with a birthday in November.  Nona's favorite...

Celeste Chambers

Staff Writer

Celeste Chambers is an 8th grader on team Arches. This year is Celeste’s first as a staff writer for T Bolt Times. Celeste is on the cheer team, runs track, is a WEB leader and is on Nuts and Bolts. In her free time, she lo...

Sabin Patrick

Staff Writer

Sabin Patrick is a 7th-grader on Team Yellowstone.  This is Sabin's first year as a staff writer for T Bolt Times.  She is in Orchestra and loves creating animated drawings.  Sabin's favorite animal is a wolf. ...

Jack Bradley


Jack Bradley is an 8th-grade student on Team Denali.  This is Jack's first year as a photographer for T Bolt Times.  Jack's favorite animal is a cat. ...

Lily Braswel

Staff Writer

Lily is in advanced band and is also a Girl Scout. She competes in Karate and plays tennis. Lily is constantly playing. Her favorite animal is a Sand Cat.

Leila Boyce

Staff Writer

Leila Boyce is an 8th grader on team Arches. Leila dances for Miss Leslie and sings in Wired. This is Leila’s 2nd year as a staff writer for T Bolt Times.

Hailey Pahl

Staff Writer

Hailey Pahl is an eighth-grader on Team Arches. She enjoys watching tv dramas such as “Parks And Recreation” and “The Office.” Hailey is in Science Olympiad and Academic Challenge. This is her second year on staff wit...

Madelynn Watern

Staff Writer

Maddy Watern is an 8th grader on team Denali. This is Maddy’s 2nd year as staff writer for The T Bolt Times. Maddy loves reading and music. She is also on staff of Yearbook.

Harrison Davis

Staff Writer

Harrison is an eighth-grade student at Northmont middle school on team Zion. He enjoys coffee, friends, and music. His philosophy in life is “Hakunmata.”

Emma Howell

Staff Writer

Emma is a 7th grader on Team Glacier who loves reading, writing, and drawing. This is her first year on the newspaper. And her favorite animal is a fox.