• Northmont Middle School Celebrates Its 50th Birthday

2020-2021 Staff

Sophia Hamlin

Hello! My name is Sophia Hamlin. I am 13 years old, in the 8th grade and I am on team Zion. I am a Northmont cheerleader for football and basketball. I also do competitive all star cheer at Blitz Athletics. In my free time I en...

Kimberly Cho

Kimberly Cho is a seventh grader on Team Yellowstone.  She loves to color and make people laugh and smile.  She also loves her family, delicious food, talking with her friends, taking selfies, and making movies.  This is Kimberly's...

Teighlor Danes

Staff Writer

Teighlor Danes, is in 7th grade. She’s on team Yellowstone. She’s interested in drawing, sports and singing. She has three older sisters, Harley, Kinzie and Brooklyn. She also has a younger sister and twin little brothers...

Ella Berning

My name is Ella and I love writing. I love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I know I’m kind of a nerd but I love it. Never be ashamed of the things you love.

Ethan Berning

Ethan Berning is an 8th grader on Team Zion. He ran cross country in 7th grade and 8th grade and is a part of the school newspaper. He loves to run and it is his favorite sport. His favorite food is pizza and he loves dogs. His...

Mallory Stephens

Mallory joined T Bolt Times because she loves writing and taking pictures. She believes it's a learning activity for anybody who wants to be involved with this amazing group of people. She loves reading, writing, painting, sai...

Lily Fischer

Lily Fischer is one of the newspaper's newest recruits. She wanted to join because last year her best friend was in Northmoor's newspaper. Also because she has taken a liking to photography recently. She likes to read, write,...

Scott Barrows

Scott is a 7th grader, with a love of LEGOs, cartoons, Star Wars, and Dragon Ball. He joined Newspaper because it looked fun, and he wanted to try something new. This is his first year being a Newspaper staff member.